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Our new research facility will be opening in April 2019, we’ll update the website soon with more information.

We have left our previous blog online below if you’d like to have a look at some of the amazing camera trap images from the past 3 years.

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Fieldwork Blog - Leopard Study 1
- (Added 24. Sep. 2012 - 04:58)

Our first task for this season is to extend our study of the use of space by carnivores on Ongava to include leopard. We have good data for both lion and spotted hyaena, but not yet for leopard. 

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Tools of the Trade
- (Added 22. Sep. 2012 - 05:52)

Apart from the trusty notebook and camera, biology fieldwork these days often involves the use of additional technology to delve deeper into the behaviour of animals. This is especially true on Ongava, since the terrain is not suitable for off-road driving. In particular we use both camera traps and tracking collars to monitor movements of our study species. 

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Introduction - September 2012
- (Added 22. Sep. 2012 - 05:41)

Welcome to the web log for Ongava Research Centre (ORC). Over the coming weeks and months we will bring you up to date with events that happen as we go about our daily business of research on Ongava Game Reserve. It is currently the height of the dry season in the north of Namibia, and this is the time of year during which we conduct our fieldwork. This year our work will be focused on our major study species - rhino and large carnivores, but we will also be looking at the reserve from a broader ecosystem point-of-view as we investigate topics such as carrying capacity and population dynamics.

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