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2017 - Week 5
- (Added 12. Feb. 2017 - 11:00)

Jackal versus Duiker. This particular confrontation went on for over 30 minutes, on and off. The jackal was making a significant nuisance of itself. Final score 0-0, they both ended up walking off…

2017 - Week 4
- (Added 5. Feb. 2017 - 11:00)

I’ll just grab this one…

2017 - Week 3
- (Added 29. Jan. 2017 - 11:00)

Apart from being a very nice profile shot of an adult female kudu, this image shows yet more devastation of the trees around waterholes by elephants. All the large trees close to the water have been knocked over. If you look carefully you can just about see our camera traps in the background – on the left, a cluster of three traps mounted on a steel post, and on the right, a trap attached to the broken trunk of a tree. Each time we lose a specific deployment location we have to find a new one – that plays havoc with our long-term statistics, since small changes in the placement of the cameras can make a big difference to their ability to detect animals.

2017 - Week 2
- (Added 22. Jan. 2017 - 11:00)

This image rather amused me – the tapetum lucidum in this jackal’s retina is reflecting so much infrared light that the animal looks somewhat cross-eyed… Which in itself poses an interesting question – why would the tapetum reflect infrared light? Jackals cannot see light in the infrared spectrum, so what evolutionary advantage might that that confer for the jackal?

2017 - Week 1
- (Added 15. Jan. 2017 - 11:00)

Hello everybody, and a Happy New Year to all…

We’ll start this year’s blog with a portrait of a ‘wet-nosed’ white rhino calf. Calves at this young age don’t really drink much water, as they are still taking milk from their mothers. But they are often curious enough to put their noses into the waterhole! 

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