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Our new research facility will be opening in April 2019, we’ll update the website soon with more information.

We have left our previous blog online below if you’d like to have a look at some of the amazing camera trap images from the past 3 years.

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2015 - Week 4
- (Added 25. Jan. 2015 - 11:00)

We mostly assume that cats keep themselves very clean, and certainly that seems to be case with domestic cats – often they preen their fur after they have been wet or muddy. This lion doesn’t quite seem to be doing the same! In fact the whole pride were covered in what we call ‘sticky grass’. This is not quite the same species as is found in the northern hemisphere (Galium aparine, or Goosegrass, Sticky Willow) but a species of Pennisetum. The concept is however the same, sticky burrs adhere to passing animals and hence disperse the seed. Impossible to get off socks. And lions, it seems.

2015 - Week 3
- (Added 18. Jan. 2015 - 11:00)

Whoa! Who put that waterhole there????

Thought for the Year
- (Added 28. Dec. 2014 - 11:00)

A final thought for the year... Let's hope we see more images like the one below in 2015!


Xmas 2014
- (Added 19. Dec. 2014 - 09:13)

Hi Everyone,

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to those who have been following the blog over the year, and wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

We leave you for this year with one of our favourite pictures from the year's camera trapping projects...

Kind regards

Ken, Sabina, Abby and Simeon, Ongava Research Centre

2014 - Week 49
- (Added 7. Dec. 2014 - 11:00)

Rain! OK, I confess, this picture was taken during last year’s rains – but there has been some rain on the reserve, and this is what it can look like… After a very long and hot dry season, a relief… Let’s hope this marks the start of a productive rainy season. 

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