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2015 - Week 33
- (Added 16. Aug. 2015 - 11:00)

When rhinos are fighting they tend to forget about any obstacles in the vicinity. Especially black rhino males. Bushes, trees and anything else beware. And waterholes, it seems…

2015 - Week 32
- (Added 9. Aug. 2015 - 11:00)

This week’s image is unique in our experience – a solitary caracal kitten drinking in broad daylight at a waterhole right next to a dwelling. There was no sign of the mother on this visit, and we captured images of this kitten a week or so earlier at the same waterhole. He (or she) was also alone at that time. Let’s hope nothing has happened to the mother…

2015 - Week 31
- (Added 2. Aug. 2015 - 11:00)

I last saw Klipspringers on Ongava four or five years ago. Those were along our northern ridge, and one of that pair looked very old at the time. So we were delighted to see this small group drinking at a waterhole in the west of the reserve. A welcome sight!

2015 - Week 30
- (Added 26. Jul. 2015 - 11:00)

Here’s Elton again. Different day, different waterhole. He appears to be in somewhat of a hurry… Not sure whether that is running ‘from’ or running ‘to’…

2015 - Week 29
- (Added 19. Jul. 2015 - 11:00)

In the left background you will be able to see a lion with a tracking collar. That is ‘Elton’, the remaining pride male from our western pride. Back in Week 15 we showed a picture of the males from the central pride ‘The Russians’, and reported that they had been seen in the west. Sadly Elton’s brother recently died, so he is now in sole charge of the western pride. Ominously, we have now seen the central pride males making further sorties to the west. While a takeover might be inevitable, it was interesting to see that Elton is supported by at least two 3-year old sub-adult males. They have not yet dispersed, so with any luck they will be able to help maintain the stability of that pride and at least provide numbers to back Elton up.

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