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Our new research facility will be opening in April 2019, we’ll update the website soon with more information.

We have left our previous blog online below if you’d like to have a look at some of the amazing camera trap images from the past 3 years.

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Tools of the Trade
- (Added 22. Sep. 2012 - 05:52)

Here are some examples of the camera traps we use (Reconyx HC500) – we mount them in steel protective cases to make sure they do not get damaged by curious lions or clumsy rhinos.

The camera takes both day and night shots, using an infrared flash at night to capture shots in black and white. Both heat and movement trigger the camera to start taking pictures, and we usually program the unit to record a sequence of 10 images after a trigger. A big bank of batteries means that the camera can record lots of images - up to 30,000 on an 8 MByte SD card. We have been using these traps for a few years now, and with up to 20 traps deployed, have recorded a large number of images. As you might expect, with so many 'hidden eyes' on the reserve, occasionally we see some very interesting behaviours! (See our winning shots in the BBC Wildlife Camera Trap competition on our web site.)

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