Looking forward, it is our aim to establish ORC as an internationally recognised centre of scientific excellence that will attract expertise and funding from all over the world.

As a privately funded facility, we rely heavily on the generosity of our sponsors to continue our important research.

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In addition to our core scientific studies, we are now actively seeking funding and partnerships for a range of specific projects in the fields of animal monitoring, micro and molecular biology and information systems.

Key among these are:

  • second-generation GPS technology for tracking valuable and smaller species
  • hi-tech waterhole, incorporating state-of-the-art observation and monitoring systems
  • parasitological study of herbivore species
  • expanded DNA studies to include other species
  • further development of our GIS system, including specialist surveys to provide information across all layers

ORC can also provide some infrastructure (accommodation, technical support etc) for joint and collaborative projects in the areas of ecology and conservation biology.

By expanding our range of sponsors and collaborations we hope to bring a diverse range of researchers and techniques to Ongava. This will help broaden our scientific knowledge and strengthen our conservation efforts.

'Africa's wilderness areas, and the rare and magnificent animals that live within them, are coming under ever-increasing pressure from human population growth, industrial development and wildlife tourism. With so few protected environments still remaining where these endangered species and their progeny are able to live and roam freely, it is the esponsibility of all of us to ensure that sanctuaries like Ongava can continue to survive and thrive.'

Ken J. Stratford Director of Research
Ongava Research Centre