NWCT would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to those who have very kindly donated to and supported Ongava Research Centre. 

The Centre in Namibia is very small and carries out such important work into preserving, protecting and understanding the needs of animals in the wild.  Without these acts of kindness none of this would be possible. 

Thank you.


Dr. Ken Stratford
Director of Research – Ongava Research Centre

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A list of the companies and organisations who have recently supported us with donations is shown below:

'Africa's wilderness areas, and the rare and magnificent animals that live within them, are coming under ever-increasing pressure from human population growth, industrial development and wildlife tourism. With so few protected environments still remaining where these endangered species and their progeny are able to live and roam freely, it is the esponsibility of all of us to ensure that sanctuaries like Ongava can continue to survive and thrive.'

Ken J. Stratford Director of Research
Ongava Research Centre